Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Thursday 30th September


Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
10 reps 50/35kg Push press
10 KB Swings, 24/16kg
10 Box jumps, 24 inch box

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wednesday 29th September 2010

3 Round for time:
Sledge Hammer 20R/20L
Sandbag Carry 100m
Farmers Carry 50m
Tire flip 10 flips out 10 flips back

Monday, September 27, 2010

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Monday 27th September 2010

With a continuously running clock do one pull-up the first minute, two pull-ups the second minute, three pull-ups the third minute... continuing as long as you are able.

Use as many sets each minute as needed.

Post number of minutes completed to comments.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sunday 26th September 2010

As Many Reps As Possible from
1 min muscle up ( worth 2 reps each)
2 min jumping pullups, set up with point of elbow just above shoulder)
3 min lateral jumps (across an back = 1) 2plates/1plate
4 min squats

1point per rep, except Each muscle is worth 2
score = total of all reps

Ground to Over Head
males 1800kg
60kg x30 reps
50kg x 36 reps
40kg x 60 reps
30kg x 60 reps
20kg x 90 reps

females 1200kg
40x30 reps
30kg x 40 reps
25kg x 48 reps
20kg x 60 reps
15kg x 80 reps
the twist,
max rep wallball in 5 min 14lbs/10lb
after you have done ring pushups based on your place after first two workouts.
ie 47 competitors so if your ranked 1st = 47 ring pushups, 2nd 46 RPU, -> 47th=1ring pushup

Only wallball shots count to total, winner of this WOD wins the Challenge

Saturday 25th September 2010

Rest Day

Tomorrow is our Open Day WOD Challenge

Friday 24th September 2010

Shoulder Press 3-3-3-3-3-3-3

post loads to comments

Thursday 23rd September 2010

For time:
25 Walking lunge steps
20 Pull-ups
50 Box jumps, 20 inch box
20 Double-unders
25 Ring dips
20 Knees to elbows
30 Kettlebell swings, 2 pood
30 Sit-ups
20 Hang squat cleans, 15kg dumbells
25 Back extensions
30 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball
3 Rope climb ascents

Wednesday 22nd September 2010


Three rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
50 Back Extensions
50 Sit-ups

Tuesday 21st September 2010

Complete five rounds of:
Deadlift, 3 reps
Max rep Handstand push-ups

Monday 20th September 2010

Four rounds for time of:
Row 500 meters
Rest 3 minutes
Post all 4 times to comments

Sunday 19th September 2010


Friday, September 17, 2010

Saturday 18th September 2010

Three rounds, 9-6-and 3 reps, for time of:
Thrusters 75kg/52.5kg

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Friday 17th September 2010

" Josh "
For time
  21 Overhead squat, 42.5/30kg
  42 Pull-ups
  15 Overhead squat, 42.5/30kg
  30 Pull-ups
  9  Overhead squat 42.5/30kg
  18 Pull-ups

post time to comments

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Thursday 16th September 2010


Five rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
30 Box jump, 24 inch box
30 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball

Post time to comments.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wednesday 15th September 2010

Complete five rounds of:
On the rings, lower from an inverted hang,
slowly, with straight body and arms, 7 reps
15 Ring Push-ups

Move SLOWLY and methodically attempting perfect execution. Ideally this is done with two pairs of rings - one pair hung app. 7-8' off the ground depending on your height and the second 10cm off the ground.

Post impressions to comments. This is NOT a For time WOD

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tuesday 14th September 2010

15-12-and 9 reps, for time of:
Barbell Thrusters 60/42.5kg
Weighted Pull-ups 20/15kg

For weighted pull-ups, placing a dumbbell between the legs above crossed ankles works great.

Monday 13th September 2010

Today's WOD comes from "The Cell" in Perth

5 Rounds
AMRAP in 1 min
3 burpees
5 Power cleans 60/42.5kg

rest 30sec between rounds

record total reps per round

Friday, September 10, 2010

Sunday 12th September

Jason doing his best impression of the "Rowed Kill" poster (background), Thanks Brite from Concept 2 Australia for sending it our way

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Saturday 11th September 2010


Three rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
30 Dumbbell squat cleans 20/15kg
30 Burpees

Post time to comments

Friday 10th September 2010


Three rounds, 21-15- and 9 reps, for time of:
95 pound Thruster

Post time to comments.

Thursday 9th September 2010

For time:
    * 1 mile Run
    * 100 Pull-ups
    * 200 Push-ups
    * 300 Squats
    * 1 mile Run

Partition the pullups,pushups, and squats as needed. Start and finish with a mile run. If you've got a twenty pound vest or body armor, wear it.

Wednesday 8th September 2010

Five rounds for time of:
Row 250 meters
10 Front squat, 60/42.5kg
15 GHD Sit-ups
20 Box jumps, 24 inch box

Tuesday 7th September 2010

Overhead Squat 3-3-3-3-3 reps

"Death by 10m"

Monday 6th September 2010

50 Strict Pull-ups
100 Push-ups, release hands from floor at the bottom
Run 5K

If you've got a twenty pound vest or body armor, wear it.

Alternative WOD

30min AMRAP
5 Strict Pullups
10 Pushups
Run Block (about 500m)